KV 62 (Tutankhamen): Chamber I
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Chamber I
This chamber (called the Antechamber by Carter) is long and rectangular, similar to the pillared section of the burial chambers in other tomb, but without pillars. The walls are rough and undecorated, as are all other chamber walls except burial chamber J. This chamber held over six hundred objects. Near the left (south) end of the rear (west) wall a low doorway leads to side chamber Ia. At the right (north) end of the rear (west) wall are remains of the abandoned cutting of a gate. Chisel marks on the ceiling of burial chamber J indicate that chamber I originally extended about two meters farther to the right (north). Near the floor in the center of the west wall of chamber I is a small recess.

Porter and Moss designation: Antechamber
Architectural Features
Cutting finished
Height: 2.75 m
Width: 7.86 m
Length: 3.55 m
Area: 28.02 m²
Volume: 75.79 m³
Orientation: 0° from corridor B

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