KV 62 (Tutankhamen): Side chamber Ja
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Side chamber Ja
Situated east of the burial chamber, chamber Ja (called the Treasury by Carter), is oriented north-south. This storeroom for Tutankhamen's canopic shrine held over five hundred objects. It is similar to the storerooms of other burial chambers in the Valley, and had the only doorway in KV 62 not sealed with plaster and rubble. Iin addition to the canopic chest in its shrine, the objects included a large figure of an Anubis jackal, shrines containing divine figures, a model granary and model boats, two fetuses in coffins, chests and a chariot.

Porter and Moss designation: Treasury
Cutting finished
Height: 2.35 m
Width: 4.75 m
Length: 3.83 m
Area: 18.06 m²
Volume: 41.88 m³
Orientation: 92.74° right from burial chamber J

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