KV 5 (Sons of Rameses II): Chamber 02
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Chamber 02
Chamber 2 is slightly smaller than chamber 1 but similar in plan. Its walls are decorated with scenes of Rameses II and unidentifiable sons offering to various gods. It is possible that chambers 1 and 2, and perhaps the front half of pillared chamber 3, together constituted an original Dynasty 18 tomb later usurped and enlarged by Rameses II.

A long, narrow pit was cut into the floor and extended the length of the chamber's front (northwest) wall. A narrow ledge-0.15 m (6 inches) wide on the northeast side, 0.09 to 0.12 m (3.5 to 4.5 inches) wide on the southwest-was used to hold limestone sealing blocks, one of which-1.01 x 0.49 x 0.09 m (40 x 19.5 x 3.5 inches) thick-is still in situ. There originally were six such blocks.

At the southeast end of the pit is a shelf, 0.52 m (20.5 inches) below the floor of chamber 2, 0.52 m (20.5 inches) long, 0.78 m (31 inches) wide, perhaps intended to hold a canopic chest. Three adult male skulls, a nearly-intact adult male skeleton, and a haunch of beef, all originally mummified, were found in the pit. None are necessarily original to the pit. Traces of decoration remain on the northwest wall of the pit, showing Hathor and the name of the god Anubis. All the walls were decorated with representations of Rameses II, accompanied by one of his sons, in front of various deities.
Architectural Features
Burial pit
Cutting finished
Decoration damaged
Damaged structurally
Height: 2.53 m
Width: 5.07 m Irregular
Length: 3.62 m Irregular
Area: 18.32 m²
Volume: 46.35 m³
Orientation: 0° from chamber 1
Deceased with deities: Rameses II before Anubis and Hathor [left of gate], Rameses II and prince before offerings [right of gate] Front (northwest) wall
Deceased with deities: Prince and Rameses II before god, prince and Rameses II before altar Left (northeast) wall
Deceased with deities: Hathor cow in boat with Rameses II, Rameses II with prince offering cloth Right (southeast) wall
Deities: Hathor and the name of Anubis Left (northeast) wall of pit
Deities: two pairs of seated gods Rear (southeast) wall

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