KV 42 (Hatshepsut-Meryet-Ra): Burial chamber J
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Burial chamber J
The burial chamber lies on an west-east axis and is cartouche-shaped. It has two pillars; the west one is damaged, the east one badly broken. The sarcophagus lies in the east section of the chamber. There is a kheker-frieze, a star pattern on the ceiling, and a band of color below the decorated area of the wall. Several copper pins are still in place at the top of the west wall. Holes for others can be seen on other walls. They may have served as pins for plumbbobs. The walls of the chamber were plastered, but the decoration was never finished.

Chamber plan: Oval
Relationship to main tomb axis: Perpendicular
Chamber layout: Flat floor, pillars
Floor: One level
Ceiling: Flat
Architectural Features
Decoration unfinished
Cutting finished
Damaged structurally
Height: 2.66 m
Width: 7.62 m
Length: 15.25 m
Area: 108.61 m²
Volume: 288.9 m³
Orientation: 0° from corridor G
Number of pillars: 2
Average pillar width: 1.11 m
Kheker frieze All walls
Star pattern: unfinished Ceiling
Extant remains: Box and lid
Sarcophagus form: Rectangular
Material: Quartzite
Length: 2.4 m
Width: 0.91 m
Height: 0.89 m
Emplacement: Floor
Comments: The sarcophagus is aligned on a northeast-southwest axis in the east end of the burial chamber. Since the sarcophagus is undecorated, it is impossible to know its original owner and orientation. The lid is rectangular, with maneuvering handles still attached.

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