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Atlas of the Valley of the Kings
Discover each tomb in the Valley in this interactive Atlas. Investigate a database of information about each tomb, view a compilation of more than 2000 images, interact with models of each tomb, and measure, pan, and zoom over 250 detailed maps, elevations, and sections. Experience sixty-five narrated tours by Dr. Weeks and explore a 3D recreation of tomb KV 14.
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Atlas of the Theban Necropolis
Explore the entire archaeological zone through this giant aerial photograph. Zoom in to see individual architectural details of temples and palaces as well as the topography of the area. Mouse over sites to get additional information about them.

What's New

August 2012 Progress Report
Read about the latest activities of the Theban Mapping Project in our Progress Report.

Photo Database offers over 8,000 images with Zoomify technology.  We are still working on the categories and file information (IPTC) for the database images. This work will be performed by TMP staff as time permits.  Click here to see work in progress,

Bibliography of Theban West Bank Archaeological Sites offers over 5,000 references that describe tombs in the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, outlying wadis and the Tombs of the Nobles, plus all the memorial temples, shrines, villages, graffiti, predynastic remains, and Christian sites. We will regularly update the Bibliography of Theban West Bank Archaeological Sites, and we hope to add a search engine to make it an even more useful tool in the near future.

KV Site Management Masterplan
Read the comprehensive site management Masterplan for the Valley of the Kings produced by the TMP.

Read this collection of articles on the Valley of the Kings, richly illustrated with photographs, maps and drawings.
Browse the text, images, and maps of this comprehensive database on the Valley of the Kings.
Search our exhaustive archeological and image databases to find different architectural features, decorations, and learn the condition of each tomb.
Use our comprehensive glossary, bibliography, timeline and other material to further your knowledge of Egyptology.
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